Cannons, Muskets, and Revolvers

Firearms that can be shot…

Today, Rakvere castle has six battle-ready cannons that can be shot at any time. “Tont” (“Ghost”) is a copy of a 1470 Burgundian kartouwe, “Ööbik” (“Nightingale”), on the other hand, is a copy of a field cannon cast according to the Swedish army blueprints from the end of the 17th century. Both of these cannons are used on festive occasions or in more important battles. Daily signals are shot from a copy of a small 17th century signal cannon whose original is situated in the castle’s history room. If need be, two small mortars may be used as well. All cannons use black gun powder. Those who wish, may order a cannon shot from the castle’s cannon team. The castle has around ten matchlock and flintlock muskets all of which are battleworthy and capable of shooting quite a distance when loaded with black gun powder. Same applies to the 16th century type revolvers, which the castle warriors wear tucked in their belts if necessary. 

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