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Inquiries about programs and excursions.

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Inquiries about weddings, receptions, seminars, or birthdays.

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Accommodation at Palmse Guesthouse and Distillery Guesthouse.

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Offers and products available in our museum shops.

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Information related to collections.

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Inquiries about collaboration offers and contracts.

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Palmse manor

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Jan Pikhof Sales coordinator +372 5345 3134
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    Viljar Vissel🇬🇧 Board member +372 5307 9200
    Eve Ong🇬🇧 Exhibition manager of Palmse manor +372 55564404
    Jan Pikhof🇬🇧 Sales coordinator +372 5345 3431
    Käthlin Juuro🇬🇧 Sales coordinator (accomodation) +372 55564400
    Vivian Lepa🇬🇧 Communications manager +372 5393 0957
    Altja tavern🇬🇧 Information +372 53418513
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