Estonian Police museum

The aim of the Estonian Police Museum is to be an interactive museum (theme park) where visitors can experience the work of the police through activities and games. The museum provides an overview of the daily work and main responsibility areas of the police. The visitors play through various interesting situations which help to understand the police work.

The museum offers visitors information and knowledge about the work of the police.

The museum helps to increase people’s awareness of how to improve safety of themselves and those closest to them.

The museum conveys the main safety message and values of the police  – humanity, cooperation, security, professionalism, reliability, openness, uprightness, and person-centeredness.

The museum collects and preserves the historical heritage of the police.

To visit the main building of the Police Museum, you have an ELECTRONIC GUIDE in English, which opens on your phone or tablet. In the absence of a suitable device, we offer our own technical solution.

Regionaalarengu Fondi toetus Politseimuuseumis
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