Palmse tavern

Wed-Sun 12.00-16.00

This is a tavern that always offers particularly delicious ancestral dishes – real farm labourer´s gruel, homemade bread, and butter are always on the table.

If desired, larger meals are also available because the tavern staff welcomes each wayfarer as a dear and awaited relative who must not leave hungry and parched. It is also obvious, that if weather permits, the table is set outdoors. This way, it is easy for parents to keep an eye on their offspring while they go swinging on the farm labourers’ swing hill. The tavern can accommodate about one hundred persons, and thus, even a decent folk wedding with numerous guests can be held here.

After eating one’s fill, one can go and see how farm labourers lived and what jobs they had to do in order to keep themselves alive. All kinds of hung up and laid about tools can be examined closely and some of them can even be used to accomplish a task or two – if strength and wits permit.

Palmse manors garden


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